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Starting your journey...

We offer a wide selection of materials suitable for internal and external use. Selecting your stone is the first step to making your dream a reality.



Gives the stone surface a varied natural fractured texture. The natural stone slabs are brought into contact with flames and immediately cooled with water. The temperature shock causes the eruption of the grains on the surface. The final roughness depends on the type of stone.


The surface is ground to a smooth, matt shine.


The surface is ground with a very fine abrasive to achieve a mirror-like shine.


The surface is first hand honed and flamed and then brushed. Satino is a slightly rough finish which is non-slip but nice to walk on barefoot. The maintenance of the surface is easy and also less susceptible to scratching.


Other bespoke edges are available.
Bevel Edge
Du Pont Stone Edge
2020 Square Edge
20 X 20 Square V Joint Edge
New York Stone Edge
Ogee Over Bullnose Stone Edge
Ogee Stone Edge
Pencil Round Stone Edge
Post Formed Stone Edge
Mitred Stone Edge
Bespoke Moulding Stone Edge