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Which Kitchen Worktops Are Heat Resistant? Porcelain VS Granite

Porcelain Worktops

Although we recommend trivets and coasters to be used on any worktop, Porcelain Worktops are a heat-resistant choice for your kitchen. You can put hot pots and pans straight onto the surface and it won’t be damaged or create marks in the process. They also come in a wide variety of patterns and finishes, not limiting your creativity.

Porcelain is a man-made material that is created with an immense amount of heat and pressure.

It comes in lots of different patterns including marble and quartzite look-a-likes which aren’t only a great match but don’t come with the porosity. This means if liquid is spilt onto the surface it won’t be absorbed and is easy to just wipe off with a cloth.

However, one limitation of Porcelain Worktops is the pattern is strictly on the top of the material. This means it is not a full-bodied stone like natural stone or Quartz. From the side of the stone, you would not see the design like in this image. This can definitely be overlooked as this compac stone can be turned into a very reliable, contemporary-looking worktop.

Another pro of this material is that it comes in thinner thicknesses to other neighbouring stones. 12mm is just as durable as 30mm Quartz for example, just aesthetically looks different. Many worktop companies are scared to work with this material as it takes a lot more procision and care – but not us! Our masons have worked with 12mm thickness for customers before as well as crafting one for our showroom which you can come and view.

Granite Worktops

Moving back to heat resistance, another material that is heat resistant would be Granite. As it is a natural, volcanic stone it is created with VERY hot conditions – making it very trust-worthy when placing hot things directly on it.

Granite is very popular as an outdoor stone too. For BBQ Areas, it truly is idyllic. It would be resistant to the flames as well as the natural weather conditions.

Although it has bonuses, when it comes to Colonial White or River White for example, these stones seem to be getting more outdated. There are other types that appear more popular though however. Belvedere and Cosmic Black like this is durable, modern and full of unique veins and flecks.

As it is a porous material, it needs a sealant. This is a very important step to elongating the life of your Granite Worktops. It is a high-quality sealant which comes with a long-term warranty.

In terms of cost, on average the granite worktops are cheaper than porcelain. People may think granite is more expensive due to it being a natural stone but this is a common misconception. The way porcelain is made under specific heated conditions and isn’t as widely produced like other stone means that the price goes up.

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