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popular range of composite worktops


Our hugely popular range of composite worktops come from leading stone manufacturers and trusted brands. Great for both modern and traditional design, they are known for their beauty and resistance to stains, scratches and high impacts from hard objects. Our worktops offer an affordable alternative to natural stone, while being strong, hygienic and stain resistant – being easy to clean with a soft cloth.

What Makes A Composite Worktop?

A composite worktop is a worktop made from two or more materials combined – usually a combination of three or four. By combining various composite materials, these worktops provide a solid surface and are known for their durability and versatility. An example that is one of our most popular materials is Quartz.

What Colours Are They Available In?

Pigments are often added during the manufacturing process in order to change the colour. This can also alter the patterns you see on these granite worktops, so you have a tremendous range to choose from.

Why Composite Kitchen Worktops From Granite Direct?

All of our composite kitchen worktops are made in our London workshop. We cut and shape to your specifications to help create the perfect finish for your kitchen. These worktops don’t necessarily have to be exclusive to kitchens either as they look just at home in one’s bathroom. So visit our Enfield worktops where we can find the best work surface and style for your home needs.

Which Brands Do We Offer?

We have a wide variety of brands on offer. Our worktops range extends across Arena Stone, Caesarstone, Compac, Dekton, and Silestone.