Caeserstone countertops deliver quality that is unrivalled in the industry today. The manufacturer combines industry-leading technology with beautiful new design to produce the most creative and dynamic surfaces. This outstanding performance, with its ~90% natural quartz aggregates with pigments and polymer resins.

What is caesarstone suitable for?

Caeserstone countertops are suitable for a range of settings. From contemporary to traditional, our Caesarstone kitchen worktops look amazing in any kitchen. We have a range of over 40 different styles for you to choose from to provide the perfect finish to these areas of your home.

Why caesarstone worktops?

With a Caesarstone worktop being heavily made up of natural quartz aggregates, worktops made from it are incredibly hard and resilient. With its non-porous material, it’s almost impossible for bacteria to grow, making it resistant to stains, making Caesarstone perfect for kitchen worktops.

Why caesarstone worktops from Granite Direct?

Like all of our composite worktops, we cut and shape our caesarstone worktops to your specifications and help create the perfect finish for your kitchen or bathroom. So why not visit our Enfield workshop to find the best style for you? We’re more than happy to help you find the right caesarstone worktop for you and provide some inspiration.