Natural stone worktops

We have an impressive range of luxurious natural stone worktops that are available from our workshop and factory in London. We cut and shape to your specifications and help create the perfect finish for your kitchen. All taking place in our London workshop, why not visit us or browse online to find the best style for you? We supply beautiful and bespoke natural stone worktops with an amazing selection of Granite, Marble, Onyx and Quartzite. 

Which is best for me?

Granite Worktops

Granite is an extremely popular choice due to its picturesque appearance, strength and durability. Granite can be used for several functions within the home including flooring and tiling but the most common use is kitchen work surfaces. 

The beauty of Granite worktops truly lies in the various colours, patterns and designs – as beautiful and elegant as each other. If you want durability and easy to clean – A granite worktop is the one for you. Browse the range today. 

Marble Worktops

The aesthetics and elegance of  Marble worktops is unbeaten. Used historically for thousands of years in kitchens, you can be sure that your investment is worthwhile. Marble worktops are commonly used by architects for flooring, bathrooms and kitchens – With the right care they can last decades. 

At Granite Direct Ltd, you can choose from a selection of colours, patterns and finishes to ensure your home vision comes true. If you want to bring vibrance and elegance to your home then marble is the one for you. We would be happy to advise you to find the right design for you. 

Quartzite Worktops

Created from pressurised sandstone, Quartzite worktops bring a classy and unique aesthetic to your home. Popular for its glassy appearance, experts have compared Quartzite to having the durability of granite and the picturesqueness of marble. The finest features of both stones. Quartzite is perfect for a modern and sleek design and comes in a variety of colours and appearances. Come to our Enfield showroom for inspiration and advice!

Onyx Worktops

Onyx is one of the most beautiful materials on earth. It allows light to pass through it making it glow in whichever colour it is. Very popular in Bars and Feauture Walls!

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What Natural Stone Worktop Is Best For Me?

Granite, Marble and Quartzite worktops are all extremely long-lasting with the right care. It is important to regularly clean your worktop with soapy water and a cloth and to wipe off excess water for a beautiful shiny finish. 

Avoiding contact with acidic products such as wine, vinegar, oven cleaner and nail varnish will ensure your worktop avoids any staining or damage, as well as avoiding cutting directly on the surface to avoid scratches. Most providers recommend that trivets are used when placing hot sauce pans or trays to avoid damages or marks. 

Granite Direct Ltd  are experts on natural stone care and would be happy to advise you on.