A very popular choice, granite worktops bring natural beauty into any kitchen or bathroom and add style to your home. With granite being one of the hardest materials on Earth, granite worktops are incredibly strong, scratch-resistant and very easy to clean – perfect for any kitchen premises.

We are proud to supply a wide range of granite styles, including our black granite worktop, throughout London and the surrounding area. Why not visit our Enfield workshop to find the best style for you? We’re more than happy to help you find the right granite worktop for you and provide some inspiration.

What colour is best for granite worktops?

While it has been established that granite is a very durable option and very easy to clean, it also offers a very elegant look. This stone worktop is available in a range of different shapes, sizes, designs, patterns and colours. Our vast selection of over 20 different granite kitchen worktops means you will find the perfect design for your workspace. Our typical popular colours are blue, brown, green, white, red and even a black granite worktop – all available at our Enfield workshop.


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