Quartzite Worktops

Known for its glassy appearance, quartzite is a premium natural stone that has been converted from sandstone through heating and pressure. We have a beautiful range of quartz worktops that keep up with the demands of modern living. So why not visit our Enfield workshop to find the best quartzite countertop for you? We’re more than happy to help you find the right quartz worktop for you and provide some inspiration. 

Here is a Quartzite Worktop Collection from some of our suppliers. They hold the most beautiful slabs for our customers and you are able to go and view them too which is very helpful! This is because natural slabs are all completely unique so you can choose from any of them.

What makes Quartzite Worktops unique?

Some have referred to quartzite as having the look of marble but the strength of granite – giving you the best of both worlds. A stone known for its eye-catching beauty it has continued to be a popular option among homeowners. Quartzite comes in a number of striking textures and colours, offering quartz worktops that will be sure to leave their mark on any kitchen.